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A Practical Guide to Road Safety
Practical advice information to help everyone stay safe on the road - this includes tips and advice for drivers, safety information for vehicle owners and operators, as well as life-saving measures and knowledge for pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road.

Bike Size Chart
Purchasing a bike online is becoming increasingly popular, with fewer bikes bought in-store every day. This, however, makes choosing your bike size increasingly important as you cannot try bikes for size as you can in store. This article will breakdown everything you need to know about bike size chart, then you can choose the perfect sized bike to spin your 2019 in the right direction.

The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling
This guide offers information on important cycling safety statistics as well as helpful tips and advice on how to stay safe whilst cycling at night, during winter, and in other less-than-ideal situations.

Bike Theft Protection Guide
So what are the best ways to help prevent yours from being stolen? Whether it's at home or away, this guide should help you keep your bike more secure.

Bike Safety for Kids
We would like to thank the kids at the The Brenham Community Center in Texas for this fine safety link. The following resources help kids and parents choose the correct bike and the appropriate safety gear. Kids will also learn how to ride safely in groups and with nearby traffic.

Mike's Blog
I'm Mike from the blog Pinch-Flat. I love cycling and everything about it. From getting healthy and seeing sights to the community that surrounds it. My goal is to bring great info to new and experienced cyclists from all over the world. Join me!

Provides bicycle collectors with a forum in which to advertise their old bikes and parts, find the latest news about the vintage bicycle hobby, learn of the nation's largest old bicycle shows, swap meets and auctions, and read about vintage American bicycles.

The Wheelmen
Is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of American cycling, promoting the restoration and riding of early cycles (1918 or earlier), and encouraging cycling as part of modern living. This organization follows bicycle development with such types as the Draissine, Velocipede, Boneshaker, Ordinary (also known as a High Wheeler or Penny Farthing), Tricycle, High Wheel Safety, Hard Tired Safety, Cushion Tire Safety and Pneumatic Safety (including Tandems and Chainless models). Many of these antique bicycles were instrumental in The Good Roads Movement from which America has benefited to this day. This web site is proud to honor all the early cycling achievements and the people behind them.

The Bicycle Museum of America
One of the largest private collections of bicycles in the world.

The US Bicycling Hall of Fame
Founded in 1986, The US Bicycling Hall of Fame has established itself as the primary source of historical bicycling information and artifacts in the United States.

Golden Oldy Cyclery
Golden Oldy Cyclery is a private museum of cycling history focusing on the early years. The main room is equipped as an 1889 bicycle shop featuring a selection of "Ordinary" or "Penny Farthing" high bicycles of the late 1880s. The main brand featured are: Victor, Rudge, Star, and Columbia. However, there are many examples of other brands. The thrust is to show the top quality bikes in a setting with all of the accessories as a high quality shop would have provided. In the 2 original showcases there are a variety of bike lamps, brake parts, saddles, leather tool kits and etc. Also, the NCR cash register completes the shop look. The walls are covered with period photos of cycling. Other rooms contain special bikes and trikes - Coventry Rotary, and the only known removable rear of the full suspension 1887 Whippet Trike. An extensive pre 1900 cycling library and wall of Colorado cycling photos highlight the main upstairs room. Victorian Cycling Poetry is piped in during visits. There is far more to see and hear....

Major Taylor Association, Inc.

Ann Arbor Bicycle Swap Meet.

Memory Lane Classics.

Spoke Length Calculator.

Bicycles in Glass.
Bicycles exquisitely hand sculptured in glass. A unique source for the cyclist gifts and for wedding cake tops.

Columbia Bicycles

Dave’s Vintage Bicycles Dave’s Vintage Bicycles. Dedicated to the hobby of collecting vintage and antique American made bicycles since 1997. In addition to informative articles and helpful eBay search links, you’ll find a growing photo archive containing thousands of images of old bikes, parts, brochures and original sales catalogs. The majority of the photos in the archive were submitted by visitors like you who enjoy sharing their treasured bicycles with the rest of the world. They are not usually for sale, but are here for reference and your viewing pleasure.